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Section 10 of the Dog Control Act (1996) requires local authorities to adopt a Policy in respect of dogs in the district. The current Control of Dogs Policy and Bylaw was adopted in September 2013, following a review of the 2007 Control of Dogs Policy and Bylaw.

A local authority must review a Bylaw no later than five years after the date on which the bylaw was first made. After the first review, further reviews are required every 10 years. A review of the Control of Dogs Bylaw is therefore due by September 2023. As part of this process, the existing Policy must also be reviewed in line with section 10AA of the Dog Control Act which states that a local authority must review its policy if the bylaw implementing the policy requires review.

The Control of Dogs Policy & Bylaw policy remains largely unchanged however we have made a few updates based on initial feedback from our community and to make sure the policy and bylaw are easy to understand by the community and easy to implement for council staff.

We would like your feedback on the proposed changes. The full consultation document and draft policy and bylaw can be found on our website here. 

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* 2. In our current policy and bylaw, dogs are not allowed in five coastal camping areas within the district (Ngawi, Ngawi Surf Breaks, North Tora, South Tora and Te Awaiti). We have heard from the community that there is an interest in this prohibition being reviewed and we have put forward a few options for consideration.

We would like to know which option you support. 

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