1. WRAP- Woodend Research and Action on Planning

This group is to advocate for what people around Woodend REALLY believe and feel about what happens in their town, with regard to the built and natural environment that surrounds them.

* 1. Do you think that you know enough about what is happening in and around Woodend to do with town and country planning?

  Always Often Sometimes Never Does not concern me
I am surprised when I find out about what has happened regarding a planning decision
I don't hear about all I should until too late for comment and action
I hear about planning matters from friends and associates before I see them advertised
There are things that I hear or read about local planning that anger or upset me
I am fully informed about what goes on.

* 2. Sign up for information about WRAP (Woodend Research and Action on Planning) the Woodend group active in investigating how our town is changing!