* 1. Please Complete:

* 2. List the name(s) of your Club Coach/Advocate

* 4. How many meetings did the club have this month?

* 5. How many meetings did your coach/advocate attend this month?

* 6. What Toastmasters tools/resources did your club use this month? (check all that apply)

* 7. List the club’s measurable goal(s)? (i.e. To gain 5 new members by June 30, Achieve 3 DCP Points in the next 3 months, etc.)

* 8. What goals (i.e. # of new members, DCP points achieved, etc.) have been reached this month? (Remember, small steps = BIG results)

* 9. What challenges have you faced this month?

* 10. Please provide a brief evaluation of your coach/advocate.