Fuerza Indigena

Fuerza Indigena is a social enterprise founded by two young indigenous womyn; Linda a Zapotec from Oaxaca, MX and Alejandra, a Mam from Guatemala. Through witnessing the chronic poverty among indigenous women and their families in the Oakland communities, Linda and Alejadra were inspired to change this by providing an alternative where indigenous woman can use their already know artisan skills to generate income for themselves and their community. Thus, Linda and Alejadra aim to create a social enterprise where both the producer and consumer become social and cultural ambassadors to expose the beauty and complexity within Indigenous cultures and more importantly, provide an alternative where indigenous woman can become empowered all the while reaching financial independence. 

* 2. Where do you mostly shop for clothes?

* 6. If the purchase of indigenous blouses created local jobs and supported community improvement, how much would you pay for the product?

* 7. What factors encourage you to wear/purchase Indigenous blouses?

* 8. What factors discourage you from wearing/purchasing indigenous blouses?

* 9. When purchasing indigenous blouses, what are your priorities?

  Always a priority Sometimes a priority Not a priority Never a priority
Form fitting
Bright colors

* 10. How often do you buy "Fair Trade," "Organic," "Recycled", "Sustainable" apparel or the like? 

* 12. What are the most pressing concerns, you think, women currently face globally?

* 14. what is your gender identity

* 15. What is your approximate average household income?