As Kansas City continues to be recognized as a hotspot for talent, it is important to highlight our community’s welcoming environment.

This five-minute survey will gather your knowledge to identify local cultural assets and opportunities for inclusion. Your feedback will help individuals:
  • Get a quick introduction to our community
  • Gain an awareness of available resources and amenities
  • Feel at home in a new city. 
We'll compile the information provided into a collection of resources TeamKC recruiters may use when connecting with candidates. 

* 1. Name a person(s) you consider to be a welcoming ambassador to the Chinese community locally.

* 2. List any regional community centers or groups (excluding professional or business groups) specific to the Chinese community.

* 3. List any regional professional or business networking groups, organizations or clubs for the Chinese community.

* 4. List any Chinese-specific local media you enjoy. (i.e. radio show/station, newsletter, magazine, blog, social media)

* 5. List your top three Chinese restaurants in the Kansas City metro area.

* 6. List your favorite businesses or specialty stores in Kansas City that cater to needs specific to the Chinese community. (store name and product/service)

* 7. List any local events specific to the Chinese community.

* 8. List any local religious, faith or spiritual organizations/churches specific to the Chinese community.

* 9. List any local areas or neighborhoods known for being a hub for the Chinese community.

* 10. Is there anything else you’d like someone new to Kansas City to know about the Chinese community in our region?