* 1. How likely are you to recommend Logos Bible Software to a friend?

* 2. What category best describes you when you’re using Logos Bible Software? (You may fit several categories, or none, but please choose the best description that fits how and why you are using the software.)

* 3. Please rate the current usefulness to you of the following features: (Please select “Don’t Know” for features you aren't familiar with.)

  Useless Not Very Useful Useful Very Useful Extremely Useful Don't Know
Home Page
Bible Reading Schedule
Prayer List
Passage Guide
Exegetical Guide
Bible Word Study Guide
Reverse Interlinear Bibles
Morphological Searching
Syntax Searching
Bible Speed Search
Graphical Queries
Visual Filters (summarization, morphological, etc.)
Visual Markup (manual markup)

* 4. How many computers do you regularly run Logos Bible Software on?

* 5. Please allocate 100 points to the following feature ideas. Give more points to the features more important to you. The total number of points must equal 100; to give each item equal weight assign it 5.

* 6. Please indicate your agreement or disagreement. Logos Bible Software…

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Indifferent Agree Strongly Agree
…offers enough flexibility in customizing the interface
…is hard to use
…has all the books I regularly use in Bible study
…needs more tutorial or step-by-step guides
…makes it easy to copy Bible verses
…has enough tools for Greek and Hebrew
…has changed how I study the Bible for the better
…leads me to explore books I would not have otherwise looked at
…is a great value for the money
…should be a web application, available only online through a browser

* 7. What’s the thing you like least about Logos Bible Software?

* 8. What’s the thing you like best about Logos Bible Software?

* 9. What should Logos Bible Software do a better job of helping you do?

Thank you for completing this survey!