SJCERA is conducting a survey of recent customers to ensure quality of service and to help with staff training. Your comments will help us better understand the needs of our customers.

* 1. Date of Contact


* 3. What was the reason for contacting the SJCERA staff:

* 4. About the Session:

  Yes No N/A
Were you satisfied with our services?
Do you feel that we were well prepared for you?
Do you feel that we were knowledgeable on the subject matter?
Were the materials we provided useful to you?
Were we able to answer all your questions?
If follow-up was required, were we timely and responsive?
Do you feel that staff was engaged in the conversation?

* 5. If the staff member was especially helpful, please let us know so that we may let that person know of your appreciation.

* 6. Were there areas that we might improve?

* 7. Would you like a manager to contact you?

Thank you for participating in this customer survey.

Johanna Shick

Chief Executive Officer