CMO is looking to recognise Australia’s 50 most innovative and effective Chief Marketing Officers making a clear business impact within their organisation.
This annual list will recognise those who are leading the marketing function, and are demonstrating innovation and new strategic thinking within their company, who are driving business change and creativity, who are showcasing modern marketing leadership, and who are enabling greater collaboration and better customer and market engagement as a result.

Specifically, the questionnaire is about showcasing:
- Business contribution and innovation
- Modern marketing and customer engagement thinking and effectiveness
- Data and/or technology driven approach
- Empowered and long-term thinking
- Creativity

All nominations will be reviewed by our CMO50 judging panel, who will rate each section of the questionnaire in order to come up with our final list. These responses will also form the basis of the profiles of our 50 CMOs, which will be revealed in October.

The wordcount for responses to each question should be approximately 250 words and there are 6 questions in total. The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday 11 September.

Please be advised the list is only open to the top marketer within an organisation responsible for the vision and strategy of the whole company marketing function.

Question Title

* 1. About you