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Many seasoned marketers struggle to earn a permanent seat in the C-suite. One of the causes is that marketing innovation often takes a back seat to tactical problem-solving and firefighting.

We developed this survey to help senior marketers learn what trends and challenges their peers are facing in the industry today--and we need your help to learn more.

This survey contains only 8 questions. It is designed for Marketing Directors, VPs of Marketing, and CMOs only. Please be candid; all responses are anonymous.

For participating in this survey, we will send you:

• The survey results in an easy to read Executive Summary format so you can see how you compare to peers;
• An MP3 replay of our key insights (usually reserved for our private member community):
• A series of short videos with marketing leadership tips and CMO success stories.

Please respond no later than July 15, 2015.

Thank you for participating--we sincerely value your input.

Lisa Nirell

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