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The purpose of this questionnaire is to learn about the performance of a European Union project called SMARTSPACES. You have been asked to take part because you are visiting a building which is part of the SMARTSPACES project. This work is being conducted by researchers at De Montfort University in the United Kingdom. It is funded by the European Union.

We would like you to complete this questionnaire. No personal details that could identify you will appear on any material (written, oral or otherwise) arising from this research.

You may decide to drop out from this study at any time. If you choose to drop out from the study after you have completed the questionnaire, please contact De Montfort University using the details below.

If you have any questions about this study, please feel free to discuss them with Caroline Wilson at De Montfort University (

All data collected and processed in this study will be handled in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 which requires that all data will be kept confidential. All data collected will be stored in a secure location.