Outline for Term 1, 2018

Dear Parents,

Welcome to what I hope will be another fantastic semester of sport. I am writing to you to outline the choices for sport for Term 1. Sport for Year 1 and 2 will take place each Wednesday afternoon.

In Term 1, 1KC and 1LT will participate in Gymnastics and Tennis. 1RG will play these sports in Term 2. Year 2 classes will play Tennis and Gymnastics in Term 2 or 4.

The Sport Choices for 1RG and Year 2 for Term 1 are:
- Basketball
- Dance
- Fun Net
- Playground and Outdoor games
- Football (soccer)
- Walla Rugby

Students are asked to choose 2 sports that they would like to participate in. Each child will be allocated both of these sports for the term (one for Weeks 2-6 and the other for Weeks 7-10). 
Please note: Some students may participate in their Second preference in weeks 2-6 as we balance out numbers across the sports.