1. Introduction

9% of survey complete.

Thank you for agreeing to complete the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) of Central Alberta 2017 Speak Up for Mental Health survey. If you are completing a paper copy of the survey, mail it to us at CMHA, 5017 50th Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta T4N 4B2 or drop it by our office.

This survey is an important part of our effort to improve the mental health education we offer. We will use it to plan our workshops, courses, and support groups. The results may also indicate areas in which more services are needed.

Unless you choose to provide your contact information to us, this survey does not collect any information that could be used to personally identify you. All survey results are combined together and your individual survey responses are not available to us.

The survey takes some people only 10 minutes or so to complete. Other people may take 30 minutes. Although it does not have to be done at one sitting, we recommend that you do not begin answering questions unless you have the time you need.

We have divided the survey into four sections. Each section has a number of topics within it. You will have the opportunity to add additional topics as well. You can skip sections or complete them all.

The sections are:
  • Relationships and communication
  • Mental health services and treatment
  • Workplace mental health
  • Mental health recovery and wellness

Our one-time workshops address a single topic or a closely linked group of topics. You can expect to see workshops addressing the topics people are most interested in. Our courses and support groups often include more topics within one of the four sections.

Before we get going, we would like to collect some information that will be helpful across all four sections. At the end of the survey, we will ask a few more questions that will give us demographic information.

Thanks for participating in this important survey!


Question Title

* 1. For the purpose of this survey, how would you like to identify yourself? You may choose as many answers as you wish. Please note that the term mental health concern  is inclusive of people with and without a formal diagnosis.

Question Title

* 2. Currently most of our education programs are offered in the City of Red Deer. If funding were to become available, we would like to  deliver educational programming  in other communities.  Please let us know how long you would be willing to travel for mental health education.

  15 minutes or less 16 -30 minutes 31-60 minutes over an hour As long as it takes
Short program (2 hours or so) could be a course meeting 4-8 weeks
One time all day workshop
1/2 day program
On-going support group
No preference

Question Title

* 3. We offer education during work hours, in the evening, and  on the weekend, usually on Saturdays. What is your preference?

  1-2 hour workshop 1/2 day workshop all day workshop course meeting 4-8 times, several hours per session on-going support group
I prefer daytime hours, Monday through Friday
I prefer evening hours, Monday through Thursday
I prefer to come on Saturdays, during the day
I have no preference.

Question Title

* 4. How important is it to you  that we include information relevant to addictions in workshops, courses, and support groups?