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Use the documents in the link below to answer these CE case study questions in preparation for the August ARE Live episode by 12:00PM Central Time on Thursday, August 11, 2022.

CE Case Study Documents
Bruce Mcmillan AIA Architects PA is working on the contract administration phase of the Douglass Recreation Center, a 2-story, ~16,000 square foot athletic facility in Kansas with a basketball court, running track, exercise area and community room.  The substantial completion date per the contract for construction is March 1, 2021.  Below are select notes from a recent OAC Meeting:
  • The contractor requests the architect schedule their substantial completion inspection in the next two weeks.
  • Pay application 10 will be resubmitted according to the architect’s markup within the next two business days.
  • The team discussed the architect’s pay application 10 markups and were in agreement on all but the glass & glazing and elevator line items.  The team agreed that these line items can be billed at 100% as originally submitted.
  • Carpet installation is ongoing and is proceeding according to schedule.
  • Carpeting represents 25% of its line item on the schedule of values.
The following resources are available in the CE Case Study Documents folder for your reference:
  • Pay Application #10, architect’s markups
  • Field Reports #25 and #26
  • 17.06-SP1702 Douglass Recreation Center - Construction Drawings (The project’s construction document drawings)
  • AIA G701 - blank
  • ASI No. 24, court striping hierarchy and color
  • As-Read Bid Summary Douglass Recreation Center (Bid Form)
  • Specifications Section 116643 FL - Scoreboards, which the bids are based on
  • Scoreboard Submittal

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* 1. The architect is reviewing the revised pay application #10, and is reviewing each line item and comparing them to their marked-up copy as well as the notes from the recent OAC meeting. 

What should the revised current payment be?  Round to the nearest dollar.

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* 2. The architect is reviewing an application for payment on December 27th, and is trying to determine if the contractor’s application includes the correct amount for carpeting, based on the architect’s observations. 

What is an appropriate amount to certify for carpeting on this application for payment?

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* 3. The architect is performing their substantial completion walkthrough and is preparing the punch list.  The architect is currently observing the Staff Room 104. 

Which of the following elements cannot be included on the punch list?  Check the two that apply.

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* 4. During the bidding phase, several alternates were listed. The Owner chose to accept the base bid along with all four alternates. 

Which contractor was the lowest responsible bidder?

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* 5. The architect is reviewing the scoreboard submittal received from the contractor. 

What action should the architect take?

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* 6. The Owner wants to make sure that the lines for each individual court are easily visible and rank in hierarchy. Within the subcontractor’s submittal, the color selection for the side basketball/cross court lines and the track lines have been left blank.

Which colors did the Owner choose for the cross courts and the track lines?


The Owner requested a furniture, furnishing, and equipment (FF&E) allowance of $40,000, an allowance for graphics of $10,000, and an allowance for data and wiring in the amount of $57,000 to be included within the contractor's bid and listed on the schedule of values (SOV). The Owner then requests that the allowance be deducted from the contract balance so that they may purchase and facilitate the furniture and equipment through their facilities department. Fill out a Change Order, as shown on Pay Application 10 that reflects this credit back to the owner.
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