Careers, Life, and Yale

Data Science Careers: Media, Consulting, Fintech, Bioscience
A Careers, Life, and Yale (CLY) Event
Hosted by the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA)
Friday(eve)/Saturday(pm), October 6/7
Want to join forces with Yale alums to explore the joys and challenges of data science careers? Of getting in on the ground floor? Or maybe even…of helping to build the ground floor? Yalies have great stories for you – with lots of career/life wisdom. Join fellow students and alums on Friday evening, October 6 and Saturday afternoon, October 7. Learn – from Yale alums -- how to start and survive in, and succeed at, data-intensive fields. We've invited Yalies who have worked at the following firms to take part as discussion leaders/panelists:
Amazon, Disney, DoubleClick, Facebook, Google, IBM, Intuit, McKinsey, Microsoft, MongoDB, AuraSense, Bank of America, Boehringer Ingleheim, The Broad Institute, Business Insider, Cisco, Citibank, Credit Suisse, CVSHealth, Deutsche Bank, ExCure, FivePrime, Genentech, Gilt, Guggenheim, Huron, Intuit, Jounce, KPMG, McGraw Hill, Merck, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Nomad, Panasonic, Pfizer, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Regeneron, S&P, SafeRock, Sapient, Solucient, Symphony, Two Sigma, Workframe, and Zola.
Friday Evening, 10/6 (5-8pm)
   Informal get-acquainted session: pizza and salad
   Three (concurrent and repeated) personal/professional skill-building sessions: time management, and mentorship, tech culture (led by Yale alums including a Google manager) -- you'll choose 2 out of 3
Saturday afternoon, 10/7 (1245-530pm)
   Keynote discussion
   Concurrent/repeated data-intensive-career discussions (you'll choose 2 out of 4): tech/media, fintech, data consulting/strategy, bioscience
   Concluding (networking) reception