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On June 7, 2021, the BCAS Board of Directors approved the new Club Operations Policy (COP) that is now mandated by Canada Artistic Swimming. The goal of the COP is to ensure alignment in key areas of operations and governance to align with national and provincial governance standards and to streamline certain operations across all levels of our sport.

The COP will be implemented using a phased approach giving clubs ample time to align governance, operations and policies with the new standards. BCAS will provide education, training and support to clubs ensuring all clubs are in a position and equipped to comply with the minimum requirements. Once the phased implementation is complete, demonstrating annual compliance will be a requirement of maintaining membership in good standing.

The following is a audit of the club's current readiness and ability to comply with COP requirements and takes into consideration the phase implementation.  Upon completion of the audit, BCAS will provide the club with a summary of its readiness including a gap analysis.

You can complete the audit as many times as you want. To complete the audit accurately, you will need access to and to be familiar with your organization's Bylaws, policies and financial position. 

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Call letters may not conflict with CAS, BCAS or any other provincial or territorial organization. Call letters will be approved on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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