The success of the annual CLTA conference is dependent on the feedback that we receive from our participants each year. The input we receive is carefully analyzed and incorporated into the planning of the following year's conference. To this end, we respectfully request that you complete this conference evaluation survey and provide us with your constructive feedback for how to continue to improve our future conferences and better meet your professional learning needs. Thank you.

* 1. To what extend did the overall conference address its theme of "Technology: Bridge to the Common Core"?

* 2. The overall quality of the workshops and interest sessions:

* 3. The format and schedule of the Thursday and Friday workshops:

* 4. The featuring of interest sessions in areas important to you:

* 5. The appropriateness of topics addressed both in the workshops and interest sessions:

* 6. The relevance of the keynote address:

* 7. The quality of the exhibits and professionalism of the exhibitors:

* 8. The degree to which you benefited by attending this conference: