The Bay Area Open Space Council is initiating a 2-year process to refresh and expand the scientific information of the Conservation Lands Network (CLN). The Council is calling this process the CLN Science Expansion and it will result in version 2.0 of the Conservation Lands Network. It will include new data about conservation co-benefits designed to help conservation practitioners, planners, and scientists address today’s challenges, such as sustainable growth and adapting to climate change.

The survey you are about to take, which should take about 15 minutes to complete, will help us better understand who uses the CLN data and tools, for what purposes, and how well it meets users’ needs. The information we collect will be used to shape enhancements we make to CLN data and tools as part of the CLN Science Expansion.

Your input is critical at this stage and as an acknowledgment of its value, we will name you as a contributor in our final report (unless you indicate otherwise in the survey).

Our job with the Science Expansion is to serve you by refreshing the underlying data and science, adding new conservation co-benefit data, and placing this new and improved CLN at your fingertips. We aim to make the web-based interface as user-friendly and the information as clear and relevant as possible so that it is more useful to a wider audience.

Thank you for taking the time, and for sharing your experience and observations with us.

Thank you,
The CLN Science Expansion Team,
Tom Robinson,
Angel Hertslet,
Stu Weiss,

Funding for the CLN Science Update has been generously provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the California Coastal Conservancy.