Featured Couple Interview

First of all, THANK YOU for your willingness to consider sharing some of your marriage story.

Your marriage is a treasure house. Every couple, no matter who they are, has valuable treasure hidden in their relationship.

I truly believe that by sharing your story you will be helping others to become better spouses and build better marriages.

This interview is designed to help you to "mine" and share some of your treasure with other couples.

Please answer each question as fully as you can. Take your time with the questions and enjoy the process!

Complete this interview ONLY if you agree to have your responses shared on www.SpouseDates.com as part of our "Featured Couple" series.

I will contact you at the email you provide to confirm completion of the interview and with any follow up questions if needed.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me at spousedates@gmail.com.

Thank you and happy dating!
Steve Pare

P.S. In answering the question be sure to only reveal what you and your spouse are comfortable with other people knowing. There is no need to disclose you children's names, your specific workplace, school names or your town/city. You and your family's privacy is very important to me.

* 1. What are your names? At what email can you be contacted? (*Last names and emails will not be shared. The email will only be used for correspondence regarding this interview. You will not be added to any mailing lists.)

* 2. Tell us a little about yourselves. (For example: How long have you been married? Where are you from? If you have kids, how many and how old? If you have a blog or business website with social media links that you'd like to share feel free to include them here as well.)

* 3. How did you first meet? What was your first date?

* 4. As a couple, what is something you have struggled with or a difficulty you have overcome? How would you encourage other couples that may be facing the same challenge?

* 5. What was your best date ever and what made it so outstanding?

* 6. What are some marriage resources (books, websites, organizations, people, etc.) that have helped you build a better marriage?

* 7. Tell us about an “Aha!” moment that has helped you become a better spouse.

* 8. If you could go back in time and give your newlywed selves one piece of marriage advice, what would that be?

* 9. When you think about your future together, what are you most excited about?

* 10. Write in a question you would like to be asked. Then give the answer.