* 1. Did you participate in Windham School District (WSD) programs?

* 2. In which WSD programs did you participate?

* 3. What certificates or awards did you earn from WSD?

* 4. In which areas did participation in WSD programs help you?

* 5. While in prison, did you use a JobView kiosk (located in the school library) to search for a job?

* 6. Has using the JobView Kiosk (located in WSD library) helped you get leads on available jobs?

* 7. Have you (or someone on your behalf) used the JobView link on the WSD website to look for a job?

* 8. Have you found possible jobs using the WSD website or partnering companies?

* 9. When you were released from prison, did you have all of necessary documentation to obtain a job (such as an identification card, birth certificate, and social security number)?

* 10. Would you be willing to share your WSD experiences to help others who are still incarcerated?

* 11. In which of these ways would you be willing to share your WSD experience?

* 12. Your opinion is important to us. May we contact you? If so, please share your name, telephone number, email address or mailing address. Thank you!

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