Nominee Information

Major criteria to be considered for nomination shall include but not be limited to:

1.       The Nominee must be an AO registered official for the year of nomination.

2.       On-­‐field/Competition Contributions:
          (i)    officiating at local meets;
          (ii)    officiating at Provincial Championships;
          (iii)   officiating at National/International meets.


3.       Additional criteria which may be considered but not required: Educational and Leadership Contributions:

a.    (i)    serving as a mentor for officials wishing to  upgrade;
       (ii)    being mentored for personal upgrading;

b.    (i)    serving as a clinician for officials wishing to   upgrade;
       (ii)    attending clinics/seminars for personal upgrading;

c.     other contributions  related  to officiating.

Name of Nominee

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* 1. Name of Nominee

Reasons for nominating

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* 2. Reasons for nominating