Which is worse? (You have to choose...)

Aid workers love to complain. It's just how we roll. But now it's time to make some hard choices.

For each of the following 9 pairs you must choose which is worse. And by "worse", I don't mean "which annoys you more?" (that poll will come later). I do mean, of the two things mentioned, which one represents the most actual harm to those we claim we want to help. In some cases "harm" may be direct (the thing actually hurts people), while in others it may be indirect (the thing hinders or obstructs help to people).

Select the one that is worse than the other. No skipping.

Brought to you by Evil Genius.

* 1. Voluntourism or celebrity activism?

* 2. TOMS Shoes or Raising Malawi?

* 3. Low intern salaries or inadequate staff care?

* 4. Americans or Chinese?

* 5. Poverty porn or charity muggers?

* 6. Overhead or being led by industry non-experts.

* 7. Metrics or innovation?

* 8. Racism or sexism?

* 9. Land Cruisers or big team houses.

* 10. Thoughts to share? Questions to ask? (Optional)