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Court Language Access Services is pleased to announce that we have added to our library of our online recordings of Oregon Ethics webinars based on the Code of Professional Responsibility available for sale, with or without corresponding Oregon Continuing Education Units (CEUs). One Oregon ethics specific or general credit is available upon listening to one webinar (two hours) and completion of a short survey. Non-credentialed interpreters may purchase webinar recordings for their own continuing education purposes as well, without the option of earning CEUs.

$15.00: One, two-hour webinar, no CEUs awarded (available for non-credentialed interpreters only)

$30.00: One, two- hour webinar, one Oregon CEU awarded upon successful completion of webinar and survey
$50.00: Two, two-hour webinars, two Oregon CEUs awarded upon successful completion of webinars and surveys

If you are an interpreter from another state and want to receive credits, you will need to work within your specific program for approval. If you are an ASL interpreter, you will need to work with an RID representative to get approval for CEUs.

Payment and order form must be received before recordings will be made available.

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