1. Welcome! Thanks for completing this survey. Before you begin, please let us know how you were associated with the CLASSY Awards this year.

2. From April 1 - July 8, we collected nominations and published your Achievement Stories to the CLASSY Awards blog. As you know, the CLASSY Awards require an in-depth application process. Could you please rank the following based on your experience:

  Efficient and straightforward Minimal confusion Confusing I had no idea what I was doing N/A
Submitting a nomination for someone else
Submitting an Achievement Story (nomination for yourself)
Regional Finalist selection process

3. We asked you and your organization for important information during the nomination process. Did you find the following information was easy or difficult to obtain?

  Easy Moderately easy Moderately difficult Difficult N/A
Articulating the problem your organization is addressing
Telling your story as it relates to your category
Making your mission into a news story
Unique Impact - Quantifying the social impact your organization has made (people/animals helped, trees planted, classrooms built)
Financials - Total revenue and money raised in the last year

4. We’re excited to expand upon the criteria and qualifications of CLASSY Awards nominees in the future. Your feedback on this question will help us do that. Please rank the following criteria on how important you think they are in determining CLASSY Awards Finalists.

  Very important Important Moderately important Not important
Business model - How does your organization operate effectively?
Differentiator - What makes your efforts unique and/or creative?
Growth - How has your organization grown, and how does it plan to scale?
Size - How big or small is your organization?
Years in Operation - How long has your organization been around?
Reach of Impact - How has your organization made a difference in the local, national or international community?

5. Do you think your organization appropriately fit into one of the categories?

6. Were there any Award categories that you would like to see expanded upon, clarified or added in 2013? Get creative!

7. Did you and/or your organization benefit from submitting a nomination for the CLASSYs this year, whether you won an award or not?

8. As part of the CLASSY Awards community, we want to keep you engaged and expand the benefits, social connections and exposure for all participants. Do you plan on submitting a nomination for yourself or another organization in 2013?

9. From July 9 - July 26, voting for the 320 Regional Finalists was open to the public. These votes were combined with scores from a panel of Past CLASSY Award Winners to determine the 64 Regional Winners. From August 1 - September 20, the Leadership Council scored each of the 64 Regional Winners to determine the 16 National Winners.

  Yes No N/A
Do you think the public should have a vote?
Do you think Past CLASSY Awards Winners should have a vote?
Do you think combining Past Winner Judging scores with Public Vote helped make the competition more fair and impartial?
Do you think the Leadership Council had enough cause diversity?
Do you think the members of the Leadership Council were appropriate judges for this competition?

10. Did you feel you had enough personal guidance and communication with our team during each of these periods in the CLASSY Awards process?

  Yes, plenty of communication and personal contact No, not enough communication or personal contact No, too many emails to keep up with
Nomination and Achievement Story submission (April 1 - June 14)
Public Voting and Past Winner Judging (July 9 - July 25)
Event details and logistics (August 1 - September 22)

11. The CLASSY Awards weekend began on Thursday, Sept. 20 and ended on Sunday, Sept. 23. Did the following additional networking opportunities enhance your experience?

  Definitely Kinda Not really N/A
Thursday - SANDAN Welcome Mixer
Friday - CLASSY Collaborative
Friday - Movember Happy Hour
Saturday - Ceremony Pre Party (Civic Theatre)
Saturday - Ceremony After Party (Marriott hotel)
Sunday - Farewell Brunch

12. We tried to make your traveling experience as smooth as possible. Did you find the services and discounts provided by our partners and staff beneficial?

  Definitely Kinda Not really N/A
Marriott Marquis & Marina
Southwest Airlines
StayClassy Early Ticket Pick Up

13. We’d love your input on the following as it relates to the Red Carpet Pre Party and Awards Ceremony on Saturday, September 22.

  Perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing Good, I had no complaints Decent, I might consider other options Poor, definitely something to change for next year N/A
Ticket Pick Up
Red Carpet
Ceremony Venue: Civic Theatre
Seating flow
Food and drink
Ticket prices

14. Above all, the goal of the CLASSY Awards Ceremony is to inspire you. Please rank the following.

  Very inspiring Somewhat inspiring Not inspiring N/A
Adam Braun as a host
Tiffany Persons as a host
Award Presenters
Intro video
Special Address videos (Maria Shriver, Doug Ulman, Ben Rattray, Charles Best, Ted Williams)
Regional Winner videos
Award Presenter videos (Zach Wahls, BULLY Documentary)
StayClassy team on stage

15. Will you attend the CLASSY Awards Weekend in 2013?

16. The CLASSY Awards Weekend is an ever-growing and ever-evolving event. Our main priority is making sure that every single guest arrives feeling welcome and leaves feeling inspired. Is there anything else we can do in 2013 to enhance this experience for you?

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