Clarington Animal Shelter Services Delivery Review

The Municipality of Clarington is conducting a Service Delivery Review of its Animal Shelter Services. Our goal is to evaluate residents’ expectations and satisfaction with existing services and identify opportunities to improve the services we provide to the public.

Clarington Animal Shelter is one of many organizations that protect animals to ensure they have a safe environment to live, while also providing community safety. For example, the Durham Humane Society has a role in rescuing animals from abusive environments. This survey focuses on the services provided by the Clarington Animal Shelter (eg. reuniting pets with their owners, adoptions)

The survey is comprised of 26 questions and will take approximately 10 minutes or less to complete.

Thank you for your participation. Your feedback is essential to the success of this review.

* 1. Do you live in the Municipality of Clarington?

* 2. Please indicate your age range.

* 3. If applicable, how long have you lived in the Municipality of Clarington?

* 4. Please provide your gender.

* 5. How important is it that animals are protected and do not run at large in the Municipality of Clarington?

* 6. How important is having an Animal Shelter for the Municipality of Clarington?

* 7. Please indicate the number and types of pets in your household, if any.

  0 1 2 3 4 5 or more

* 8. Clarington has two off-leash dog parks that provide a safe place for dogs to run leash free.  Have you used the off-leash dog parks in Clarington?

* 9. If you HAVE USED the off-leash parks, please indicate how often you have used them.

* 10. If you have NOT used the off-leash parks, please provide the reason(s) (choose all that apply).

* 11. If you accessed our website at, how easy was it to find information about the Animal Shelter and Animal Services?

* 12. Animal licences are intended to improve services and meant to increase the likelihood that a lost pet is returned.  Are you aware that dogs and cats must be licensed annually in the Municipality of Clarington?

* 13. If you are aware of the licensing requirements and you own a pet, where did you purchase your licence?

* 14. If you purchased your licence online, please provide your assessment on the ease of use with the DocuPet website.

* 15. Our goal is to ensure that animals are protected and aren't running loose.  Please indicate ways that animal licensing can be improved to encourage people to license their pets (choose all that apply).

* 16. If you have contacted the Animal Shelter in the past two years, provide the method of contact.

* 17. Why were you visiting or contacting the shelter?

* 18. Have you or any member of your family been in contact with the Clarington Animal Shelter in the past two years?

* 19. If you have contacted the Clarington Animal Shelter in the last two years, what was the approximate date of your visit, call or email ?

* 20. Given the programs and services offered by Clarington Animal Shelter services, how would you rate the value you are receiving from the Shelter?

* 21. If you visited/contacted the shelter to adopt an animal, how did you first hear about the opportunity to adopt that animal?

* 22. Please tell us your overall impression of the Clarington Animal Shelter in each area.

  Not at all Acceptable Needs Improvement Average Meets Expectations Excellent N/A
Clean facilities
Availability of pets
Public hours
Fees (adoption, etc.)
Friendly office and animal care staff
Friendly Animal Services Officer/Municipal Law Enforcement Officer
Knowledgeable office and animal care staff
Knowledgeable Animal Services Officer/Municipal Law Enforcement Officer

* 23. How long did it take for staff to assist you?

  Less than 5 minutes 5-15 minutes 15+ minutes Within 24 hours Over 24 hours N/A
At the front desk
In the animal areas
On the phone
Through email
In the field

* 24. How satisfied were you with the level of service you received from Clarington Animal Shelter Services?

* 25. What is your overall impression of the Clarington Animal Shelter based on this visit or contact?

* 26. Please provide any suggestions you would make to improve Clarington Animal Shelter Services, animal control or other animal related programs.