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Welcome to the Town of Claremont's Disability Access and Inclusion Plan survey

Do you have, or know someone, with a disability?  If you do, you can help the Town of Claremont to keep building an accessible and inclusive community, one we can all feel proud of.

Disability is part of human diversity. Over four million people in Australia, almost one in five, have a disability.  This figure will grow with an ageing population. 

The Town of Claremont is committed to include people of all abilities in everything we do. We want to keep building a friendly and welcoming community. This means ensuring people with disability, their family and carers can access Town of Claremont facilities, information, events and services.

Access and Inclusion

What do we mean by ‘access’ and ‘inclusion’?

Access refers to infrastructures such as footpaths, ramps, ACROD parking and toilets and includes making information available in formats, like large print, audio and braille, to meet varying needs.

Inclusion means people of all abilities having equal opportunity to participate in the Town of Claremont’s services, programs, events, consultation and employment.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

The Town of Claremont has a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) which sets goals to help all people, including people with disability, feel welcomed, included and have equitable access to buildings, information, public consultations, complaints processes, services and employment. The Town's DAIP demonstrates our commitment to raise awareness, and to make life in Claremont safe, comfortable and accessible for all people

The Town of Claremont is reviewing its DAIP for the next five (5) years and we’re interested in your feedback.  We want to hear from people of all ages and abilities as to how we’re going, and how we can be more inclusive and accessible to everyone who lives or visits our Town.

How can you get involved?

The Town of Claremont recognises the importance of stakeholder engagement in shaping Claremont’s future, and ensuring our communities, facilities, services and programs are accessible to, and inclusive of, everyone.

There are several ways you can help shape the Town of Claremont’s DAIP.  You can:

1.      Complete this community survey, also available in hard copy from the Town of Claremont.

2.      Contact the independent and confidential consultant the Town of Claremont has engaged to capture your feedback.  Contact Mr Stephen Psaila-Savona on or 0404 654 700.

3.      Share this survey link on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and/or Instagram so more people see our survey, or email it to people who may be interested in participating (

Community Survey

Completing this survey is a great way to contribute to develop the Town of Claremont’s DAIP 2022-2027. By doing so, you can help us identify access and inclusion issues that affect you, your family and carers. 

Please complete the survey by no later than 4:00pm, 17 December 2021, after which the review of the DAIP will take place.  Should you have any questions, please call Mr Stephen Psaila-Savona on 0404 654 700 or email

If you require any assistance filling out this survey or would like to request the survey in another format, please use the above contact details.

If you are not able to answer all questions, please answer the ones most important to you. All survey responses are confidential.  The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  Thank you for participating.

Question Title

* 1. Which of the following best describes you, or the reason for completing this survey? I am….

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* 2. Your gender:

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* 3. Please select your age:

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* 4. Do you have a disability? For example, do you have a permanent impairment that impacts your communication, social interaction, learning or mobility.

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* 5. Please select which of the following is impacted by your disability. Select as many as are applicable.

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* 6. Are/were you aware the Town of Claremont has a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan?

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* 7. Do you live in the Town of Claremont?

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* 8. How long have you lived in the Town of Claremont?

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Regarding people with disability, do you have any specific views on customer service and inclusivity at the Town of Claremont?

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