What is your 2020 Vision for Library Services?

Tell us what you think about the future of library services in your community and across New York State! This survey is being conducted by the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries as part of its 2020 Vision for Libraries statewide planning project.

Please complete the following short survey. Survey results will be used to inform the development of a new statewide plan for library services.

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* 1. What services should New Yorkers expect from their libraries in the Digital Age?

* 2. How can libraries better engage community members in connecting their needs to libraries?

* 3. How can library services be extended to those not currently using libraries?

* 4. What will be the impact on libraries of the rapid growth of commercial information sources like streaming video, iTunes, and e-books?

* 5. Please provide us with any other thoughts or ideas you have on improving library services in New York State.