Student Health Center, Patient Satisfaction Survey

Here at the Student Health Center our patients are our top priority. Only through your feedback can we improve our services and provide you with optimal care. Subsequently, all comments, feedback, suggestions, and applause are greatly appreciated.

* 1. What day were you seen in SHS?


* 2. What type(s) of service did you receive today?

* 3. How satisfied were you with the front desk staff? Were all your questions answered?

* 4. How satisfied were you with the nursing staff? Were they helpful, courteous and understanding?

* 5. Did your Provider (MD / NP) seem helpful, concerned, friendly and, courteous?

* 6. Did your Provider allow enough time to listen to and answer all your questions?

* 7. Did you feel the Provider was supportive and non-judgemental?

* 8. Would you recommend Student Health Services to your fellow students?

* 9. Do you have any suggestions for our staff and/or feedback? Are there any services that you wish we offered?