1. This checklist is like a menu.

A restaurant menu tells you what your choices are. This "menu" gives you a list of affordable, healthy projects you could do in your community. That doesn't mean your community should do them all. Some won't suit you. When you look at a restaurant menu, you think, "I'll eat this now and maybe eat that later." This is similar.  There are no right answers. 

You'll use this key to rank each item on the menu:
      1. This won't work here.
      2. We'd like to do this someday, but not now.
      3. We've started this, and it's OK as it is for now.
      4. We've started, and it's priority to improve / expand it.
      5. This is a new, high-priority project.

The checklist also helps you get a handle on what’s already been done in your community. That's an important first step.

We urge you to fill it out as a team, rather that have just one person fill it out. It will help you build your team and see how your project fits in with other building blocks, present and future. 

You don’t try to eat everything on a restaurant menu at once. Similarly, from this menu, you choose projects you’ll start now and those you’d like to try later.
These are not pie-in-the-sky projects. Every project on this list is being carried out in a West Virginia community right now. After you finish, you'll have a list that can be a starting point for a multi-year healthy lifestyle plan for your community.  

So let's start with basic information:

Question Title

* 1. Project Title 

Question Title

* 2. Name of Project Lead: