1. Multiple Choice Question Examples

Page 1 shows examples of Multiple Choice Questions.

Page 2 shows examples of Matrix Questions.

Page 3 shows examples of Rating Questions.

Page 4 shows examples of Textbox Questions.

Page 5 shows examples of Image and Descriptive Questions.

Question Title

* 1. The following is a Multiple Choice (Only One Answer). The question text is presented here. You can also use Add a Comment Field, or the "other (please specify)" option, within the answer choices. Respondents can type a comment into the provided comment box.

TIP! You can tell the difference between a question that allows only one answer versus multiple answers because of the shape of the answer choice buttons. If it allows only one answer choice (like Q1 above), the buttons will be circles. If it allows multiple answers (like Q2 below), the buttons will be squares.

Question Title

* 2. The following is a Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers Allowed). The question text is displayed here.

TIP! The drop-down menu will be blank until the respondent picks an answer choice within it. A pre-populated answer will not be selected upon opening this page.