Albemarle County Courts Operations
Analysis Related to Possible Relocation
Public Impact Survey

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors (BOS) and County staff are seeking public input on a significant decision regarding needed improvements of the County’s court facilities.  The purpose of this anonymous survey is to gather input from residents of the County on their experiences at our existing courts and what project considerations they feel are most important as the county plans a significant capital investment to either renovate or relocate the Courts.  This survey is not a vote for or against any aspect of the Board’s considerations, but rather a tool for information gathering purposes.

Albemarle County has been actively determining the best option to address the challenges facing our courts and to identify opportunities to improve infrastructure and the efficiency of court operations, while providing the best current and future value for County taxpayers. Albemarle County officials have been conducting research and analysis of five different options, as presented at a BOS public hearing on October 24, 2016.   Now, two primary options remain under consideration:
  • “Option one (1)”, the “Downtown renovation/expansion option” would utilize a property adjacent to the current County Courts complex (the Levy Opera House parcel) for the new construction of a three story General District Court (GDC) facility, which would also include the County's Commonwealth Attorney’s office.  The existing County court complex would then be modernized to create a second Circuit Court and support operations.
  • “Option five (5)” would relocate the County’s Circuit and General District Courts to a new courts complex in the County, outside the city limits of Charlottesville. This option assumes a new Courts complex on either County owned property or through a development partnership opportunity.  The Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court would remain in its current downtown location.
Further background information of the analysis, prior studies and options considered is available on the county’s website at the following address:

Your opinion matters!  Please complete your response no later than Friday, August 25, 2017.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance.

* 1. Do you live in the County?

* 2. Are you part of the legal community and/or routinely work with the Court System?

* 3. How important is the location of the County’s courthouse to you?

* 4. How often do you currently use the County General District Court and/or Circuit Court Complex? (Please select one):

* 5. My primary reason for going to the Courts is:

* 6. How convenient are the courts’ current downtown locations for you?

* 7. What is most important to you regarding the courts’ current downtown location? (Please rank the following with 1 being most important and 5 being least important.)

  [1] Most important [2] Very important [3] Important [4] Not very important [5] Least important
Access to other courts and related services, (i.e. attorney’s office)
Centralized location to all parts of the County
Convenience or walkability to other amenities (bank, shops, restaurants)
Convenient to where I work or other locations I visit
History of the courts

* 8. Which of the following conditions has a negative impact, if any, on your experience when going to the courts in the current downtown locations? (Please rank the following with 1 being the most impactful and 5 being least impactful.)

  [1] Most impactful [2] Very impactful [3] Impactful [4] Not very impactful [5] Least impactful
Traffic congestion
Confusion over which building to go to
Lack of available nearby parking
Accessibility / ADA concerns
No negative impacts
Other (please describe)

* 9. The Courts Project will be one of most significant investments in a County facility in recent history.  Please rank the following project considerations you believe are most important in deciding on the location options (with 1 being most important and 8 least important).

  [1] Most Important [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]  Least Important
Preserve history of the County Courts
Maximize court operational efficiencies by locating near City Courts and other court services
Project cost
Proximity to amenities (restaurants, banks, retail)
Parking convenience
Potential for County economic development / revitalization
Public transportation
Traffic congestion
Other (specify)

* 10. Under “option 5”, the Circuit and General District Courts would be co-located in an urban ring development area (presumed location: the Route 29/Rio Road vicinity); either in the same building or in separate adjacent buildings within a courts complex. How convenient would moving the County General District and Circuit courts from their current location be for you?

* 11. Is there an issue or additional input regarding the potential courts project considerations that have not been raised in this survey? If yes, please briefly explain.

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