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Dear Discover Seoul Pass customer,

Thank you for your support of the Discover Seoul Pass! To commemorate the 100th day since the release of our program, we are conducting a survey to find ways to improve our managing system and develop a new pass. Please take a few minutes to tell us how your experience has been so far with the Discover Seoul Pass. It is applicable for Only whom already used pass.

* 1. How did you find out about the Discover Seoul Pass?

* 2. Where did you purchase the Discover Seoul Pass?

* 3. How convenient was it to purchase the pass?

* 4. How reasonable is the 24 hour time limit of the pass?

* 5. How reasonable is the price of the Discover Seoul Pass

* 6. Have you used the Discover Seoul Pass as a transit card?

* 7. Overall, how satisfied are you with the Discover Seoul Pass?

* 8. Do you feel the Discover Seoul Pass was useful when traveling in Seoul?

* 9. How satisfied are you with the 16 attractions included in the Discover Seoul Pass?

* 10. What is your e-mail address?(There will be a drawing in which you may be given a $20 Amazon gift card.)