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The Bronx Canasta 

This year, a collaboration of six Bronx-based food and social justice groups has formed the “The Bronx Canasta”, a new, innovative food production and economic empowerment program. Funded from the USDA’s Community Food Projects Competitive Grant Program, the program is designed to build food system partnerships in the Bronx through which we hope to increase food production, distribution, provide advanced agricultural, culinary and entrepreneurship skills training, and create a sustainable community-led business entity for the

The Bronx Canasta will aim to meet the food access and nutrition needs of vulnerable populations, increase economic opportunities, and build self-reliance of Bronx communities to grow their own food and create, market and distribute value-added products based on crops grown in the Bronx.  

This program is a collaborative of six Bronx-based organizations with support from Small Axe Peppers:
The Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center
Bronx Green-Up of The New York Botanical Garden
International Rescue Committee
Morris Campus Educational Farm
Friends of Brook Park
La Familia Verde Community Garden Coalition