Directors Charitable Foundation Feedback Form

The Foundation has started a number of projects. But we are aware that you might have different priorities and expectations.
Are these represented by the overall Aims listed below?
Please can you help us by listing them in order of priority - and adding anything else you would prefer us to try and do on behalf of directors and directing?

* 1. Which of the following do you think are most important?
Please put them in order of importance, where 1 is the most important and 4 is the least important.

* 2. Are there other priorities you feel we may have left out? Please write here.

* 3. Which current DCF aims and objectives seem the most valuable to you?  Please select only 3.

* 4. Please rank our current projects in order of importance - where 1 is more important and 5 is the least important.

* 5. Where did you hear about the DCF?