* 1. Which elementary school does your child attend? 

* 2. Please rate your satisfaction with current programming options.

  Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Not Satisfied N/A
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Enrichment Opportunities (GEMS, engineering classes, Star Performers, etc.)
Communication w/Gifted Specialist
Family Night Opportunities 
Availability of Gifted Information (websites, newsletters, etc.)

* 3. If you answered 'not satisfied' for any programming options listed above, please explain what you would like to see improve.

* 4. Would you be interested in 'Parent Coffee' meetings with the Gifted Specialists?

* 5. Would you be interested in serving on the 2016-2017 Gifted Advisory Committee which meets once a quarter.

* 6. Please rate all gifted events you have attended.

  Loved it! Liked it. It wasn't my favorite. Did not attend
STEM Family Challenge Night
Search Game Night
Spontaneous Problems Night

* 7. Do you have any suggestions for event nights in the future? If so, please explain.

* 8. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?