Thank you!

Thank you for attending the recent event/promotion on behalf of our Organization! Your help makes it possible to increase our outreach and from that come many more opportunities.

Please tell us about the event and all you accomplishd there.

Thank you for your support.

Simone Hoover
Executive Director
Operation Homefront - Florida
T: 888-433-7713

* 1. * Please provide date(s) and duration of event/promotion:

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* 5. Did you receive donations?

* 6. Did you collect any interest cards? If so,how many?

* 7. Did you distribute any "I Served" stickers? If so please tell us which and how many?

* 8. How many families served? Please describe nature of service and number.

* 9. List all volunteers in attendance and the total time of their service (in hours).

* 10. Please tell us anything else we should know about this event. This includes follow up required, value of time spent, contacts made, etc. and list your name.