* 1. Do you have any past upsetting memory that keeps popping up in your head?

* 2. Do you find yourself getting angry, anxious, or depressed for no apparent reason?

* 3. Is there any period of your life that you wish you could forget?

* 4. Is there any period of your life you wish you remembered more about?

* 5. Do you react strongly to negative interactions with others?

* 6. Has your family talked about events that you have no recollection of but they say that you were there?

* 7. Have you ever been in a place where you feel you have been before and had an unpleasant feeling when you were there?

* 8. Do people who look a certain way make you uneasy? For example, men with beards or women who talk loud?

* 9. Do your relationships not last long?

* 10. Do you get obsessed about activities, friends, relationships to the point where it seems that it is the only thing in the world?

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