Saskatchewan BIM Survey

The BIM discussion groups of Saskatchewan are interested in hosting a conference addressing the question “What is BIM?” We are looking for people who'd be interested in BIM and attending this conference. If you are in the AECOO (Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Owners, Operators) industry including: building owners, consultants, fabricators, technologists, students looking to the future, and would like to know more about the benefits of BIM we invite you to take this three minute, anonymous survey.

Results will be used strictly for the planning of the conference. Feel free to pass the survey along to others you think would be interested.
If you are willing to be a speaker, volunteer or sponsor, please email

Thank you on behalf of the BIM discussion groups of Saskatchewan:

Saskatoon BIM community:
Regina BIM community:

* 1. How interested are in BIM (building information modeling), what it means, and how it affects the local AECOO (Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Owners, and Operators) industry, are you?”

* 2. For October 2018, are you willing to travel to Saskatoon?

* 3. For October 2018, are you willing to travel to Regina?

* 4. For a daylong conference, which day in October are you most likely to attend?

* 5. What is your role in the building industry?

* 6. What is your company / employer’s building-related discipline?

* 7. What role would you be willing to participate in?

* 8. What topic(s) in BIM would you like to hear specifically about? (or scroll down to skip question)

* 9. Speaker, sponsor, volunteer (or scroll down to skip question)