Market Research

Welcome to our annual survey of global operations sponsored by the Reshoring Institute. Please help us by filling out this short survey about your global operations.

This survey, which consists of 15 questions and can be completed in approximately 5-7 minutes, is intended for
manufacturers in the USA that are reshoring now, considering it, or planning to open new manufacturing facilities in the US. 

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this research.

* 1. Industry information

* 2. In what country is your company headquarters?

* 3. Do you operate in multiple global locations? Check all that apply:

* 4. Where are these locations? Check all that apply:

* 5. Are you sourcing component parts, sub-assemblies or finished products from foreign suppliers?

* 6. Would you consider a domestic source for these parts if the price and quality were competitive?

* 7. Is your company evaluating reshoring your production or sourcing from domestic suppliers? Why? Check all that apply:

* 8. From the list above, what are the two or three top priorities or biggest issues you face in operating globally?

* 9. If you source from overseas, what issues have you identified? Check all that apply:

* 10. If your company is considering a reshoring project (ie: bring manufacturing back to the US or starting new manufacturing capability in the US) when will production go live?

* 11. If you are considering reshoring and have not yet started, what if anything, is delaying you doing so?  Check all that apply:

* 12. If you are considering reshoring would you build a current product or new product?

* 13. Are you considering any of the following to help automate a production line?

* 14. Is the current American political environment influencing your reshoring considerations?

* 15. Optional: