The Hanover Police Services Board is preparing a three year Business Plan as directed by the Police Services Act. 
We are looking for your input about policing in the community and how you gauge the safety in our community.
Your feedback is very important to us!  Thank you for participating. 

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. Please choose the response that best describes your present living situation in Hanover. 

* 3. What is your age? 

* 4. Have you had contact with the Hanover Police Service in the last 36 months?

* 5. If you responded YES, would you say the police were: 

* 6. After your initial contact with police, did anyone from the Hanover Police Service provide you with information about your case status or follow-up? 

* 7. If you responded NO to Question #6, did you expect follow-up would occur?

* 8. How important is it to you for the Town of Hanover to maintain its current level and type of Police Service?

* 9. How satisfied are you with the quality of service the Hanover Police Service provides in the following areas: 

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied No Experience
Preventing crime
Solving crime
Responding to problems in town
Foot patrols
Responding quickly to calls
Patrolling streets in cruisers
Enforcing traffic laws
Follow-up on complaints
Keeping our streets safe
Investigating and solving drug crimes
Use of social media
Keeping our schools safe
Overall quality of service

* 10. In your opinion, please rank each of the law enforcement issues listed below as it pertains to Hanover.   

  Serious problem Somewhat of a problem Not much of a problem Not a problem Don't know
Theft from vehicles
Domestic violence
Child abuse
Youth crime
Traffic and road safety
Vandalism/Property damage 
Impaired driving
Cyber crimes
Hate motivated crimes
Noise complaints
Violent crime
Drug related crime
Illegal firearms
Theft from residences/businesses

* 11. Please rank the list below, indicating where you would like to see the Hanover Police Service utilize its existing resources, on a scale of 1 to 7 with 1 being the most important and 7 being the least important.

* 13. How safe do you feel in the Town of Hanover?

  Very Safe Reasonably Safe Unsafe Very Unsafe
Trails and Parks
In your Home
Municipal Buildings (Pool, Library, etc.)