Part of the vision of the Dickinson County Bike Path organization is to expand and include other non-motorized recreational activities into our planning process. Your input is essential in order to provide and coordinate the services that are most important to our community.

We feel that if you are included, you will be excited to get on board and volunteer along with us!

1. If current routes were more "user friendly" would you use them for: (please choose all that apply)

2. My family will use a non-motorized path in the following ways:

  paved for road bikes paved for walking/running trail for mountain bikes trail for walking/running
Child aged 5 to 9 years
Child aged 10 to 13
Teen 14 to 18

3. What distances are (or would be) traveled when using a non-motorized route?

  less than 1 to 5 miles 5 to 15 miles more than 15 miles
me cycling
me as pedestrian
spouse/partner cycling
spouse/partner as pedestrian
children cycling
children walking
teens cycling
teens walking

5. Since we are a non-profit organization, what types of fund raising activities/events will you be excited about participating in?

6. What are you (or a group you belong to) willing to donate in time &/or money to fund raising for a proposed project? (Below are just a few ideas, we welcome all others)

7. What functions of a non-motorized route are most important to you? (choose all that apply)

8. What civic groups are you involved in that may be willing to collaborate with the DCBP efforts?

9. The Dickinson County Bike Path is a registered non-profit organization, (so you can use us for a tax deduction, hooray). Which level of participation works best for you?

10. Thank you for submitting your survey. Will you please....(choose all that you can do)