Our short Human Resources (HR) Essentials Audit allows you to assess whether you and your business are achieving good HR practice or if you need to take further steps. A robust HR strategy will help you achieve business success.

Your HR processes don't need to be complicated but you do need to prevent legal risk, as well as have engaged and motivated workers.

The information that we get from the HR Audit will analysed and emailed to you within 48hours of you completing. This will allow you to assess which documents and processes you may need in your workplace to improve your HR processes.

This audit will take you approx. 20 mins to complete.

Make sure you enter your name and email address so we know where to send the results.

Once finished our team will know that you have completed it and will work to get you a full report back to you within 48-hours (Weekdays) Audits done over the weekend or during holiday periods may take longer. You can at any time email us at admin@freshhrinsights.com.au for urgent queries. We are always ready to assist you and your business.

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