* 1. This is an exciting year at West Concord Union Church as we begin to imagine how our renovated space can empower our shared ministry. We are so grateful for the generous gifts you have given to make our renovation possible. Thank you! We also rely on your ongoing donations to continue offering worship that revives weary hearts, enrichment that draws all ages and abilities closer to God, and service opportunities that invite us into deeper discipleship. Filled and bound together by God’s Spirit, we can do so much more than any of us can do alone.

Thank you for responding to our giving appeal online! Please tell us your:

* 2. As you consider your giving for 2018, please consider accepting one of the following challenges:
  • Become a Ministry Partner: Make a first-time pledge to WCUC.
  • Build our Future: Increase a previous gift or pledge by 5% or more to keep our wonderful ministries strong as costs and community of givers change.
  • Grow in Faith: Increase the percentage of your income that you give to others.
  • Schedule Your Giving: Set up an automatic pledge payment (we can help!)
Thank you for prayerfully considering how God is calling you to steward the wealth in your care. Your gift in any amount will be treasured by our community and help strengthen our ministry together.

In gratitude for God’s gifts, I/we will support WCUC’s ministry in 2018 with: $

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* 4. Please let us know any additional questions or comments you have below. If you wish to make a gift or pledge payment now, you can do that here (choose the “Send Money to Friends & Family” option to avoid fees).

Please join us on November 19th to give thanks for God’s generosity and our community in worship and at a special celebration.

Thank you for supporting West Concord Union Church!