"Community arises from the meeting of needs. There is no community possible among people who do not need each other. Therefore, any life that seeks to be independent of other people for the meeting of one's needs is a life without community." -Charles Eisenstein

Are you in a place of financial privilege and want to support others who aren't as blessed?

Do you love supporting the artists, the creatives, the nitty-gritty small business owners pursuing their dreams, but don't necessarily need more physical things (more artwork, more trinkets, etc.)?

Every month, small businesses and people going through difficult times contact me who love my work but cannot afford it. Sometimes they want a mural for their business, sometimes they need a super meaningful gift for someone who is supporting them as they are going through a hard time. I have been helped by healers, teachers, and guides willing to allow me to barter with them in the past when I did not value my art or myself enough to ask for what I needed.

Now that I am in a place where people often approach ME to barter, I sometimes do it; yet most often what I need at this stage in my life is money to care for myself and those in my care, and start planning for my future as a self-employed person who needs to create her own pension, retirement fund, etc.

If you are a person who would like to support others who need art from me but are not in a place to afford it, this is a place where you can donate money. Scholarship applicants always contribute something towards bringing this new piece of art-energy into their lives. It is a partial scholarship; I aim to match 80-100% of my asking price for my art from: a) the funds they are willing to contribute and b) those you are willing to give; art is distributed once the funds have been provided. For more information on the applicant's process, visit LAMBFINEART.COM and click on the scholarship application.

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* 4. Please mark any of the following project areas you are open to your money being used for. (If you ONLY want it to go towards a specific project, please write that in below:)

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* 7. This is a super generous thing of you to do! Pease check the places where you give me persmission to thank you publicly for your donation. (The amount will remain anonymous, but I would like to share your kindness and generosity with my community if you are open to it.)

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* 8. Please give any feedback or suggestions for how to improve this experience for you, the giver, or make it more easeful for you to give, or share any ideas at all!

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this form and give so generously. 

Ways to donate:
1. You can donate to LAMBFINEART@GMAIL.COM via Paypal.

a. From laptop or desktop, log into paypal.com (some mobile phone apps do not allow you to donate as "friends")
b. Click "Pay & Get Paid" --> "Send Money".
d. Please make sure you recognize the image of me that pops up before you donate. This helps make sure you're sending it to the right place.
e. Type in the amount, under notes, add "donation", & click "continue".
f. Make sure "sending to a friend" is selected. If not, click "change" and please change to friend. (This saves me a 3% fee.)
(If you prefer to send via Paypal as "paying for goods and services, please know that Paypal takes a 3% fee and adjust your donation accordingly.)
g. check all the details & click "send payment now"

2. Alternately, you can mail a check to:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me support those who need support, and for supporting me to be compensated, as we work together to distribute the soul-work that is artwork more broadly. Your donation helps make transformational and meaning-making art more accessible to those who are not in a place to afford it on their own. Together we create beauty in the world.