Agency and Jurisdiction Information:

1. Choose which best applies:

2. Agency Type:

3. Population served in your jurisdiction:

4. What is your highest completed educational level?

5. Does your agency require any hours of college education for hiring purposes?

6. Does your agency offer any tuition reimbursement/assistance for officers to attend college?

7. Does your agency offer any pay incentives for completion of college level courses?

8. Does your agency require completion of college level courses in order to be eligible for promotion?

Training Information:

9. During the past 3 years, what percentage of the advanced or specialized training received by your agency was completed through CJI?

10. How many online training courses offered by CJI have you completed?

11. Would it be beneficial if CJI offered online courses more frequently than typically once a month?

12. How would you rate the need for CJI to expand the number of course topics being offered online?

13. Please list up to 3 new courses that you would like to see CJI offer online:

14. How would you rate the overall quality of your customer service experience with the CJI staff?

15. Do you have any comments about the customer service you received from CJI staff?

Your Agency's Training Needs:

16. Please rate the following subject categories based on your agency’s training needs:

  High Above Average Average Below Average Low
Legal Issues
Communication Skills
Professional Standards Development
Leadership and Management Development
Grant Writing Skills
Officer Safety
General Investigative Skills
Crime Scene Investigation
Computer-Related Crime
Enhanced Patrol Investigations
Illicit Drug Investigations
School Safety
Community-Related Policing
Crimes Against Persons
Social Media and Public Relations
Crimes Against Children

17. Please list up to 3 new courses that you would like to see CJI offer face-to-face:

18. We would like to contact you for additional information or feedback. If you are willing to have us do so please provide your name and contact information in the space provided. Thank you for assisting us with this survey.