Call for 8th Annual SF Peacemaker Awards Nominations

Greetings from Community Boards, San Francisco's public conflict resolution center! 

Community Boards provides a citywide array of conflict resolution services: mediation, conflict coaching, facilitation, and training. Our Neighborhood Mediation Program is the oldest public mediation service in the U.S.

We need your assistance and guidance in selecting the nominees for our upcoming 8th Annual San Francisco Peacemaker Awards on June 1.

Our three awards honor an individual, an organization, and a youth for their contributions in making San Francisco communities and neighborhoods safer and healthier places to live and work.

As a community stakeholder, please take a moment to nominate individuals and organizations working in San Francisco to promote peacemaking and conflict resolution through community engagement, direct social services, or public education.

You may make multiple nominations.  However, you will need to submit separate nominations if you wish to nominate more than one in the same award category.

You may also renominate the same people or organizations if you submitted them for earlier SF Peacemaker Awards.

We eagerly await your responses, and thank you in advance for your participation!

Nominations deadline: Friday, March 30, 2018.

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* 1. 1st Award Category: 2018 Raymond Shonholtz Visionary Peace Award

The Raymond Shonholtz Visionary Peace Award is awarded to an outstanding individual who has made or is making significant contributions to peacemaking, community building and/or anti-violence work in her or his respective San Francisco neighborhood and community.

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* 2. Please tell us briefly how your nominee's work has made an impact in her/his neighborhood and community. Also tell us how you know your nominee.

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* 3. 2nd Award Category: 2018 Community Boards Leadership Peacemaker Award

The Community Boards Leadership Peacemaker Award is awarded to an organization that is making a meaningful track record in contributing to community building and peacemaking in San Francisco.

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* 4. Please tell us briefly why you believe this organization has made noteworthy contributions in San Francisco. Also tell us how you know of the organization.

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* 5. 3rd Award Category: 2018 Gail Sadalla Rising Peacemaker Award

The Gail Sadalla Rising Peacemaker Award is awarded to a youth peacemaker (ages 12-24) who is making a difference in his or her school or community, setting an example for other youth in anti-violence and peacemaking activities. (For youth under 16 years, if you can, please provide the name of parent/guardian.)

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* 6. Please tell us briefly why you believe the work of this youth or young adult is improving her/his community and serves as an inspiration and model to others. Also tell us how you know of your nominee.

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* 7. As the nominator, please provide your contact information. It will not be shared. Darlene Weide, Executive Director, will follow up you in the future. You may reach her directly at (415) 920-3820 x105 or if you have any questions or need more details.

Thank you in advance for taking the time and thought in making your nomination.

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* 8. May we add your contact information to our email database so you can receive future information about Community Boards' services, trainings, and future events?