* 1. General Information

* 2. Are you a 2013 graduate of Stuttgart High School?

* 3. I am a first generation college student. This means that both of my parents have not received a bachelor's degree from a university.

Note: If a parent attended college but did not complete his/her degree then you are still eligible for this scholarship.

* 4. High School Cumulative Grade Point Average (4.0 scale)

* 5. Which university do you plan to attend for the fall of 2012?

* 6. Intended major for the fall of 2012?

* 7. List school involvement, extracurricular activities, honors and awards.

* 8. Describe a service project in which you have been involved. How has this service project impacted those involved?

* 9. In your own words, define leadership.

* 10. Explain why you need financial help.