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This survey is a sample of the 160+ business success indicators examined by the full Corporate Insight Strategy TRaX 180TM. It is offered to give you a feel for the depth and power of our patent pending TRaXTM process.
The TRaX process is designed to provide you detailed information about the operational strengths and weaknesses of your company. 

You will be presented with a series of statements that describe observable behaviors or actions within your business.  As you work through the statements on each topic, the behaviors or actions will describe increasingly mature processes.  Once you respond "NO" to an item, the system will advance you forward to the next topic.
The following pages present a series of statements for you to consider in regard to your company.

We recommend using these questions in a group setting to generate conversation with your leadership team. 
 After each statement, you will be asked to pick one of these responses:
  • Yes, we currently do this.
  • No, but we want to do it this year.
  • No.
  • Not applicable.
The statements presented will differ depending on your answers.

 Once you have completed the short assessment below, a CIS team member will process your answers and contact you regarding your results. 

If you are a previous client and would like to have your TRaX score updated with your answers to these business success indicators, please call Alese at (501) 420-4194 x1.

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