Crisis Intervention Partners (CIP) training is a 16 hour training modeled after the training component of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs. CIP is designed for wide-ranging audiences interested in better understanding and improving interactions with people who experience behavioral crises. Participants include correctional officers, 911 dispatchers, emergency personnel, hospital staff,  work that involves community interactions and more.

The Core philosophy behind CIP is to improve safety, avoid unnecessary use of force, and improve identification, referral, and treatment planning for those experiencing a behavioral crisis.

NOTE:  The same information about procedures, contact information and resources for both Portage and Wood Counties will be provided at each of the training sites.  We will attempt to provide county-specific information for other counties, depending on the participants attending the session.

All of the training sessions are full at this time.

  • Waiting list:  If you would like to be put on the waiting list in the event someone cancels, please indicate the session you are interested in.
  • Notified of future CIP training sessions:  If you want to be notified of future CIP training sessions,  please click here to give us your contact information.  
  • Other CIP training sessions in the state:  For information about other CIP sessions in the state, go to CIT Wisconsin Training Calendar.   

If you would like to cancel your registration:  
contact Kay Jewell at Kay Jewell, or,  or call 715-254-1864


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Please contact Kay Jewell, CIP Coordinator, NAMI Portage-Wood Counties for additional information or questions about attending this training.  715-254-1864  ( or  

Additional information about this training can be found at CIP Overview .  General information about CIP and CIT training is available at CIT/CIP Wisconsin.

Grant support for this CIP training provided by The Central Wisconsin Community Foundation.

Last updated:  6/20/2016