Despite massive awareness through policy, programs and even laws, the role of women in the nation’s economic and developmental agenda remains in the shadow. Data gathered in a survey conducted by the Labour Department should worry every Indian. The survey points out that female participation in labour force has fallen by over 10.7% since 2005 in India. It was in the context of this massive challenge that the CII National Committee on Women Empowerment & Indian Women Network attempts to create a more long-term roadmap for increasing gender parity in the nation’s work force. We have identified key initiatives that can allow us to understand the root-causes of the systemic blocks that keep women from entering the workforce. A significant initiative is a study of public data sources using data science and artificial intelligence techniques including this survey to capture voices of women about their workplaces.  

Purpose of this Survey

This survey aims to understand what Indian women think and feel about their career/work,  job/employment, workplaces. By analyzing voices of a reasonable-sized sample of women, from a wide variety of sources, we aim to unearth some themes that are important to women, in a ground-up, unbiased manner. We hope to understand and perhaps even quantify opinions and sentiments that women employees hold about some themes.

The goal of this exercise is to provide pertinent and fine-grained inputs of the kind that were not easily available previously, about women’s workplace voices. Our dear hope is that such new inputs will not only be utilized for making workplace policies and interventions, but also eventually contribute towards raising the participation and satisfaction of women in Indian workplaces.

Who can fill this survey?

If you spent at least one year as a working woman, self-employed woman or a woman entrepreneur in India, please fill this form. If you are a man that can provide us voices of Indian women employees along with their original sources (e.g., public forums, blogs, exit interviews), please fill this.

If you are not one of the above but have clear thoughts on what women think and feel about their workplace, please do NOT fill this survey. We are looking only for direct voices of women, either conveyed by themselves or conveyed by someone else verbatim. Thank you for your understanding.