1. Questionnaire on Real Cases of Life Extension of Transformers

This questionnaire is prepared by the CIGRE WG A2.55 “Life extension of oil transformers and shunt reactors” and is addressed to asset managers and technical experts of oil-filled transformers and shunt reactors for obtaining information and data on life extension experiences. 

This new WG “Life extension of oil-filled transformers and shunt reactors” will provide a guide for implementing a structured methodology for life extension of transformers with recommendations to identify problems, evaluate risks and propose mitigation solutions with the related justification. This guide will contain a catalog of real cases, illustrating different solutions implemented to enhance lifetime and/or reduce risks for the major families of aging modes and defects. For this reason, your response will be of considerable value to CIGRE WG A2-55 in fulfilling its mandate. 

The survey addresses all oil-filled transformers and shunt reactors.

This questionnaire has two parts: 

Part 1 - This part relates to the main concepts of life extension and the general practices in life extension in utilities, generators, industries, transformer manufacturers and service providers.

Part 2 - The aim of this part is to collect data from real cases of life extension interventions in order to have enough information that enables to elaborate the catalog.

“End of life” - The A2.55 WG define Transformer End of Life as:
  • Functional end of life
  • Economical end of life
  • Reliability end of life

“Life Extension" is a set of major interventions on a transformer to remedy its particular end of life assessment, restore the condition and postpone imminent failure. This end of life definition is applicable but not limited to aged transformers, with or without defects or faults, functional or failed.

Therefore, all actions extending one of the three above end of life criteria are considered to be life extension.

Normal life management practices, such as routine maintenance and testing are therefore not considered to be life extension under the above definition.

Note - A distribution transformer or service transformer is a transformer that provides the final voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system, stepping down the voltage used in the distribution lines to the level used by the customer.

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